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Ukinebo O. Dare

Principled. Proven. Progressive.

Ukinebo Dare is passionate about job creation and development.

Over the last 15 years, she has implemented programs as an employee, an entrepreneur, as part of NGOs and in Government, to impact over 1,000,000 undergraduates, fresh graduates, business executives, women, farmers, teenagers and so on. She shares insights gained from her journey on 'The Impact Blog'.

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Creating jobs and making impact in Africa

Employability Skills and Job Matching

Technical and Vocational Skills and Blue Collar jobs

Developing Business Clusters

Books and Publications

job creation

Through Skills Development, Job Matching and Market Systems Development

training and development

Training Design, Delivery and Assessment for Soft Skills and TVET

Mentorship and consulting

Multiplying impact through advisory, program design, support or management 


Making impact and building experience in Policy making, program implementation e.t.c 

Awards and Recognition

Business And 



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