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Edo Innovation Hub

Leveraging on Technology for Job Creation and Enterprise Development

"There is no tech community in Edo State."
"There is no demand for I.T Skills"
"International Organizations will never bother to come all the way to Edo State."

"It will not be sustainable"

"It won't last a week"

These are some of the nicest comments we got when setting up Edo Innovates. All of which we have proven wrong thanks to the vision of Mr. Godwin Obaseki, Govenror of Edo State who had the vision, and thanks to the great team at EdoJobs and all our partners.

Within 1 year, we became a home for the vibrant tech community, startsups and SMEs in Edo as well as attracted over N100,000,000 of grants, training programs, prizes and equipment for the benefit of over 13,000 people in Edo State. 

We are glad we took a chance on Edo Youth. Click through and hear their stories for yourself.


We say a big thank you to all our partners

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