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Young Executive Diary

Yes, I was the Editor in Chief of a National Magazine for a year. It is still one of the most exciting roles I have played.


Exciting because by teaching life skills in print, my wonderful team and I were able to reach over 60,000 people every week with critical information and knowledge. Judging by the overflow of testimonials and requests for career guidance in our magazine inbox, we couldn't have been more fulfilled. The competitions, quizzes and interactive columns were my some of favourite parts of this project.

‘Young Executive Diary’ was a weekly publication designed to encourage, motivate and educate readers on all aspects of employability skills needed for an excellent career. It provided career advice and guidelines on how to improve emotional intelligence, professional dress sense, speech and diction, build organisational skills and so on. It also features a mentor’s corner and a column ‘Choices’ which helped readers navigate the sometimes confusing waters of ‘Career Advancement’.

Young Executive Diary was published every Tuesday in BusinessDay Newspaper.

Click on the images below to see some of our columns and editions


I would love to do this again

If you can make that happen

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