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Creating Pathways To Prosperity

Everyone deserves a fair chance to succeed. Ukinebo Dare believes that no intervention is complete until it puts people on a path where they can conitinue to grow by themselves.  Discover the projects and causes through which Ukinebo O. Dare fights unemployment and poverty in her different roles. On 'The Impact Blog' you can learn even more about strategic you can implement in your community, state or country to create jobs and empower people to create a better life for themselves.

Creating Jobs through ICT and Innovation

ICT and Innovation


ICT and Digital Design Academy

Role: Project Director

Partners: Butterfly Works, Oxfam International

Beneficiaries: Over 350 Youth in under-served communities in Lagos State with no access to University Education

Kicked off: 2016

ekobits logo.png

Part of a Global Network of Bits Schools, Ekobits is a youth-based social enterprise that uses ICT to improve the lives of less privileged youths through training on computer appreciation, coding and programming, graphics design etcetera. The target population for Ekobits are youth from marginalized communities in Lagos, Nigeria.

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Edo Innovates

Leveraging on technology for job creation and enterprise development

Vision: Mr. Godwin Obaseki, Exec Gov. Edo State

Role: Project Director

Partners: Microsoft, IBM, Coven Works, Amazon, Facebook e.t.c

Beneficiaries: Over 13,000 Individuals and Entrepreneurs in Edo State

Kicked Off: June 2018

edo innovate white.png

EdoInnovates is an initiative of Mr. Godwin Obaseki  and was setup  under his guidance by Ukinebo Dare and the EdoJobs team to connect young people to jobs in the tech sector and to support the development of tech-enabled businesses.  The hub provides 3 major services including:

Jobs in I.T: - Training and Certification as well job matching services

- Entrepreneurship Development: - Startup incubation, SME acceleration, improved access to funds and markets e.t.c

- An Enabling Environment: - Co-Working spaces, Training halls, Internet, Power e.t.c

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ICT and Digital Design Academy

Partners: EdoJobs, Butterfly Works, Oxfam International

Beneficiaries: Over 50 Youth in under-served communities in Edo State with limited access to University Education

Kicked off: 2018

EdoBits copy.png

Part of a Gobal Network of Bits Schools, Edobits is a youth based social enterprise that uses ICT creatively to improve the lives of youth from under-served communities. The target population for Edobits are youth with no access to higher education.

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Employability Skills and Job Matching

Employability Skills and Job Matching


Job Matching Portal and Programs

Vision: Mr. Godwin Obaseki

Organisation: Edo State Skills Development Agency

Beneficiaries: Over 30,000 unemployed or underemployed individuals in  Edo State, have been matched to jobs

Partners: Private and Public Sector Employers in Edo State

Portal Launched: March, 2018


edo jobs white.png

The EdoJobs job-matching portal was set up by Ukinebo Dare and her team at the request of His Excellency, Mr. Godwin Obaseki (Executive Governor of Edo State). The portal ensures transparency into the job matching process by giving the general public access to see all available jobs and applying for them directly. 

Employers post jobs directly on the portal and screen interesting applications. Under her leadership, the job matching team has filled thousands of vacancies within the state.

The team also implements internship programs, job fairs and employability skills programs to upskill young people in line with the demands of employers.

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Poise Graduate Finishing Academy

Role: Chief Executive Officer

Beneficiaries: Over 30,000 unemployed youth in Lagos, Edo, Oyo, Ogun, Rivers and other Nigerian States

Endorsements: The Presidency, National Universities Commission, Multiple Reputable Employers

Kicked Off: Jan 2010

Parent Company: Poise Nigeria Limited


Ukinebo Dare setup Poise Graduate Finishing Academy with one goal, to Re-engineer the nation's Workforce. They did this by ensuring that the GAP between KNOWLEDGE gotten from formal education and the K.A.S.E required for success in life and career is bridged.
Employability Skills programs at PGFA refine and develop the individuals' Knowledge,  Attitude,  Skills and Experiences to position them for a successful career. They have a 12-week Fulltime Employability Skills Programme (FEST), the Oxfam funded 3-week Career Kickstart program and others.

Since 2010, hundreds of employers in Nigeria have employed directly from PGFAs' employability training programs.

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and seminars


Young Executive Diary published in Partnership with BusinessDay Newspapers


Wake Up (This Is Your Life)

40 First Jobs

TV and Radio Shows 

Project Your Poise TV show

The Wake Up radio show

Web series

Project Your Poise


Guardian Youth Magazine

book design 40 first job cover 2.jpg
wake_up_book_2 (1).jpg

Being a skilled writer and communicator, Ukinebo Dare has applied her self to various methods for sharing Employability Skills and life skills knowledge through various hugely popular publications, TV and radio shows and seminars. 

Young Executive Diary was published weekly in partnership with BusinessDay Newspapers. It was distributed Nationwide as part of the paper and taught employability skills to people with 0-2 years work experience. You can find some of the insightful columns on her blog (The Impact Blog).

40 First Jobs is a book that compiles the first job experiences of 40 Global business leaders across 4 countries. It was inspired by her desire to help young people set realistic expectations for their first jobs while maintaining their big dreams of building amazing careers. At 40 First jobs seminars, contributors share their stories directly with young people and provide career advice

Wake Up (This is your life) is a no-nonsense book of inspiration drawing directly from the lessons Ukinebo has learnt in her own life, it is an excellent resource for navigating tricky life situations.


Teaching and Certifying Employability Skills at Undergraduate Level

Certification: PSENSE Employability Certification (NUC Endorsed)

Beneficiaries: Over 6,500 undergraduates in Universities and Polytechnics

Partners: University of Lagos, Benson Idahosa University, University of Babcock among others

Activities: PSENSE training and certification, On-Campus Job fairs, Employability seminars, CV Vetting, Competitions e.t.c

Organization: Poise Graduate Finishing Academy

logo psense online.jpg

In addition to training and development. Ukinebo Dare has achieved a lot through advocacy and engagement with large employers, national regulatory bodies  and higher institutions starting in 2010. This advocacy led to multiple brainstorming and collaborative sessions with stakeholders and the PSENSE Employability Skills Certification was developed with the input of all parties. The PSENSE Certification was endorsed by the National Universities Commission with Higher Institutions in Nigeria encouraged to leverage on it to input employability skills into their training curriculum. PGFA works with various higher institutions with much success and great impact on their students.

This PSENSE Employability certification was designed in collaboration with Biddle Consulting USA.

Technical, Vocational Skills and Blue Collar Jobs

Edo Production Center

One-stop-shop for artisans and small scale manufacturers 

Role: Project Director

Vision: Mr. Godwin Obaseki

Organization: Edo State Skills Development Agency

Hosted Trades: Waste Recycling, Shoe Manufacturing, Welding, Metal Fabrication e.t.c

Partners: Bank of Industry, MADE Niger Delta, I-Edo Limited, Benson Idahosa University

Kicked off: 11th June, 2018

Techniclal, Vocational


Skill Acquisition and Entrepreneurship

Vision: Mr. Godwin Obaseki

Organization: Edo State Skills Development Agency

Trades: Waste Recycling, Solar Power Installation, Shoe Manufacturing, Metal Fabrication, WoodWork and Furniture Making, Automobile Engineering e.t.c

Partners: GiZ Skye, MADE Niger Delta, GeniusHub, IFES Automobile, Natwood Factory, CADD Centre and many others

Beneficiaries: Over 30,000 people in rural and urban communities in Edo State

Kicked off: 2017

Promoting Jobs in Agriculture



Edo Food And Agri-Cluster

Vision: Mr. Godwin Obaseki, Exec Gov. Edo State

Organisation: Edo State Skills Development Agency

Partners: MADE Niger-Delta, Hills Harvest Limited, Novus Agro, Uhunmwode LGA, Edo Exporters Cluster e.t.c

Beneficiaries: Over 500 Farmers and individuals in Edo State

Kicked Off: November, 2018

edofac_ehor-1559057015034 copy.PNG

Situated in a rural community, Edo-FAC  attracts players across the Agriculture value chain to operate closer to the farmers. In partnership with Edojobs and EdoFAC these organizations carry out the following activities:

- Aggregation and sales

- Farmer training and extension services

- Food Processing

- Training of new entrants into the sector

There are always opportunities for partnership for oragnizations interested in carrying out any of these activities at Edo-FAC

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