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Poise Graduate Finishing Academy

Training job seekers and connecting them to job opportunities

PGFA was my entry into Job Creation and Training and I am forever grateful to Poise Nigeria.

As the CEO of Poise Graduate Finishing Academy, I got to pursue my passion without limits.

From Curriculum development, to training, employer engagement, marketing, writing books and even being the editor of a magazine.

Employability Skills was not yet a buzz word when I joined Poise Nigeria to setup Poise Graduate Finishing Academy and over the years  we are glad that our contributions and advocacy with educational institutions and employers paid off. 

With an alumni of over 30,000 young executives, PGFA is more than dear to my heart and with every stream we are grateful for the employers that consistently recruit from our graduates.

PGFA students on the full-time program go through it all. We believe that by overcoming challenges people know and respect themselves better and when they respect themselves, they will be committed to excellence in learning and growing.


 Click through to see all the ways we came up with to teach young people employability skills since 2010 including, presentations, role play, fund raising and community projects, book reviews and so on.

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