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Fill It

Updated: Sep 5, 2019

Ever asked these questions: What ON EARTH are employers looking for? How do I determine my worth? Why doesn’t anyone appreciate my value?

I have a short story for you.

Ikona was village facing extreme famine. Everyone had run out of food and water was a scarce commodity. There was no hope anywhere around and no one knew how to solve this problem. Even the king was so hungry that he couldn’t carry his staff and wear his crown. One day the village woke up to sad news; the king had died leaving no successor. With their thirsting throats and aching bellies they buried him and began the search for a new king.

A stranger heard of the king’s death and rode into town in an entourage of flashy cars and bags of money hoping to immediately be recognized as the most valuable option and be chosen as their king. They didn’t give him a second glance. He hired dancers from far and wide to come and put up a show hoping to impress the people but the people did not laugh and cheer, they didn’t even come out of their houses. He was perplexed.

The next day, determined to be their king, he carried bags of gold to every house. They threw the gold at him, asking what dying men needed with gold. He couldn’t figure it out. What kind of ungrateful people rejected gold? Someone had even threatened to kill him if he ever showed up in his compound again with useless things.

Just before giving up, he decided to ask someone what was going on and she said ‘Leave me! I am too hungry to talk, please go away.’ Then it hit him! These people are starving!

He drove all night to a faraway town and used his gold to buy water, various kinds of food, fruits and drinks. He hired people to go into the village and begin to prepare a feast before he arrived. He then instructed them not to tell anyone who was coming but to say their master was just passing through the village and would only spend one night. Early the next morning, the villagers were awakened by the sweet, almost forgotten aroma of delicacies which they had lost all hope of ever eating.

The children breaking palm kernels were stopped in their tracks as the aroma of meat being fried enveloped them.

Everyone harassed the cooks. ‘Who is your master? What can we do to make him live with us? Will he share his food with us? Is he from our land?’ At first there was no answer; then an announcement. ‘The Master is almost here! He will spend the night and continue his journey tomorrow.’ ‘What!’ Immediately the elders discussed, ‘Surely anyone one who could find such bounty in this wilderness we call home, must never leave this land.’

‘What should we do?’ Immediately, they sprang into action. They got the King’s robe, staff and crown, stood at the entrance to their city waiting for him and began to sing, ‘Long Live The King!’

Here is my advice to you in two words.

- If you are knocking on a door and it refuses to open – Ask questions

- If you have sent out your resume 20 times and have never been called for a test – Edit it

- If the job you want requires experience - Go Be a Volunteer

- If you are being undervalued – Solve Problems

In summary, if there is a gap between your current capability and the requirements of your dreams and aspirations…


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