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Get Lucky!

If only the #SexForGrades lecturers read this post, they may have gotten lucky too.

Someone seeking advice once said to me!

"Life is so wicked and unfair, my friend has been taking this money for months now after trying it the first time someone is getting caught!"

Have you ever felt like some people are so lucky that they get away with anything and some ‘good’ people get into trouble as soon as they try something bad for the first time?

It depends on what luck means to you, as Odili was shocked to discover!

Odili and her mom sat at the balcony of their flat, having a lazy Saturday and enjoying their view of Lagos when their phone rang. It was Aunty Chioma calling from London. Odili could hear her voice even though she was talking to her mum. Her cousin, Chike, had been arrested by the police for shoplifting and his mum had called to lament. After the call, he heard her mum say, "This Chike eh! I just thank God he got lucky." Odili thought she heard wrong. "Mum, how can he be lucky for being arrested? I overheard Aunty Chioma saying that the guys who were teaching him the ropes escaped Scot free while he got caught, is that luck?"

"Odilli, your uncle Uti and your dad were very close in university. Uti always had the best things in school and your dad wondered why. One day Uti decided to show your dad the way to the good life. He was in a cult, and after convincing your dad for a while and telling him that he would protect them, he decided to join them. Unfortunately for the others and luckily for your dad, on the first day that your dad attended that meeting, Policemen raided the place, dealt with them mercilessly and attested your dad and the newbies. Uti and the other experienced boys were quick enough to escape. Your dad was lucky because that night taught him a lesson he has not forgotten until today. He was released after 1 grueling night behind bars and after that, he was never able to build the courage to dabble into such things." Uncle Uti on the other hand, continued with that life.

"Uncle Uti? Mum, I don’t have an Uncle Uti,"

"My point exactly! Odilli Uti died in prison. Sadly his life of crime caught up with him years later. So I am glad Chike got caught this first time because he can quickly retrace his steps."


You don't have to answer this out loud, but have you for any reason found yourself caught up in something wrong and living in fear of getting caught. It may be fraud, cheating, lying, extracting #SexForGrades and so on. It doesn’t really matter how big or small it is. Please catch yourself before anyone else catches you. Scold yourself and save yourself before others have to and you might just get lucky that it will not lead to your public disgrace. People usually feel that they are so good at keeping secrets and hiding indiscretions but as the popular saying goes, "everyday for the thief, one day for the owner." You are not likely to escape forever and the dangerous part it,

The longer a person gets away with doing something wrong, the more they will be found guilty of when they eventually get caught.’

A person can be negligent at his job/project/task and think it has gone unnoticed because he/she has not been issued a query like other colleagues. Yet the person might skip the query part and go straight to being fired. Escaping the repercussions of wrongdoing is an opportunity to ‘get lucky’ and stop yourself, or it is another opportunity to add more to the list of things you will eventually be punished for.

The lucky ones are the ones who get caught early on and decide to make a change for the better. The luckiest ones are the ones who make the tough decisions to stop on their own before they get caught. The ones who take full responsibility for the repercussions of their actions.

"Have you ever seen an old armed robber?"

My dad always asked us this question when we were young.

The people who were robbing 6 years ago are mostly dead or in prison and yet more join in every day believing that they will make it a lifelong career. This does not pertain only to robbery. It’s the same for a person who cheats on their spouse for ten years but one day gets caught and ten years is wasted. It would have been better if he/she was caught at year one, or when it was just starting. Here are my two words on this topic:

Everyone makes mistakes but some people make a u-turn by themselves... Try It

If you keep getting away with a crime... It’s Dangerous.

Everyone gets caught eventually... Catch Yourself.

I know it can be difficult to break a bad habit, ignore a guilty pleasure or turn a new leaf, if you cannot overcome it by yourself ...Get Help

Don't cover up your wrong doing, be committed to honesty and you just might... Get Lucky!!!

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