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Prove It!

Updated: Sep 30, 2019

This post is for all Heroes-In-The-Making, Champions-In-Waiting and those who are planning to take over their world with greatness but have not been given the opportunity.

Are you a

- Future Femi Otedola currently working as an intern?

- Future Human Resource Director feeling stuck working as a customer service agent?

I have two words for you, but first, have you met Abdul?

It was Abdul’s first day of work and he was reflecting on all the things that were about to change in his life. Even though he was always late to class and he paid someone to type and proofread his project, he was ready to get serious. He smiled as he looked at himself fully dressed in corporate attire. He was committed to getting to work early every day, writing and speaking like a professional and working hard on all tasks. He announced this in a tweet to all his friends ‘First day at work! #LevelsHaveChanged.’ At the end of the day, Abdul tweeted ‘Horrible first day, these people are too stuck-up.’ Later that day, Abdul called Chike to vent. ‘Yes, I know I got to work 20 minutes late, is that so bad? You need to see how one madam reacted just because I answered the office intercom by saying, “Who is it?” My boss was over sensitive to the fact that I said “ya” instead of yes when he asked me a question and for crying out loud what is so bad about removing your tie at 2 pm when the thing does not allow you to breathe?’

Abdul had gotten to a stage he had been looking forward to and he felt that the preparation he needed was head knowledge of what he wanted to do, but what he did not realize is this: The proof that you will do something tomorrow is that you are doing it today. A person who will not save from his pocket money has no guarantee that he will save money from his ‘corper’s salary’ or even his N1Million per month salary because everything you are doing today is reinforcement and practice for the things you will do tomorrow.

The proof that you will do anything tomorrow is that you are doing it successfully today.

Have you ever said?

-When I own my business I will work so hard.

-If only they would increase my salary, they will see how dedicated I can be.

- By the time I graduate from school, I will start planning my day.

- When I have more money I will start saving.

- When I am in public, I will observe table manners.

- When I start writing official letters, I will use good grammar.

- When I get married, I will be faithful.

- When it’s a business meeting, I will get there early.

- When I get a job, I will start dressing professionally.

Abdul wanted to change levels but he had no practice in being a professional. He had been a latecomer for so long that he didn’t know what it took to be early. If you have not started saving, living on a budget, being faithful to the person you are dating or being honest even when it is hard, then you have no practice, you have no proof that you've developed the ability, and there is no guarantee that you will be able to do those things when it matters. A wise man once said, “Never promote a person to a role they are not already successful in.”

Don’t treat her badly today and promise to respect her tomorrow… Start Now

Deciding to do something does not mean you will automatically know how to do it… Build Experience

You will make mistakes as a human being but if you cannot excel while working for free there is no guarantee that you can excel when you get paid $1,000,000.

Don’t wait for your crown before you act like a king.

Are you a king in the making?


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1 Comment

Sep 21, 2019

this is most definitely an eye opener for me... Thanks ma'am.

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